How Seed and Grain Came to Be.


Welcome to the first edition of our ‘Seed + Grain’ breakfast blog.

Anyone who has ventured out in the scary world of independent business ownership will know it I can be a mental midfield at times. A constant inner monologue of ups and downs. “That’s a great idea, no … how crazy is that idea, that will never work”. Not to mention being responsible for every aspect of the business from product development to marketing to sales.

This blog will not only serve as a mild outlet for me to express the inner workings my developing entrepreneur's mind but predominately it will serve as a space to educate and inspire you; our readers, on all things food, nutrition, small business, and other random things I think you might enjoy with the particular focus of course on seeds and grains.

In this first edition I’ll be delving into how seed and grain came to be, read on if you’re interested.



Having recently spent time on ways to grow Seed + Grain I’ve been asked many times why I started this business in the first place. It dawned on me as I am always curious as to why people started their businesses perhaps people might be curious as to why I started Seed and Grain, I mean it’s not everyday a person decides to quit their day job to sell porridge for a living.

Well it all started in 2015 when I was living in the UK. I was working at a cafe, Workshop in Clerkenwell (in case you’re interested), I had worked in hospitality for over 12 years and loved everything about the industry but wanted more than to work for someone else. I wanted to open and run my own cafe. I knew I would have to move back to Melbourne eventually and as it seemed every corner had now been leased to an aspiring cafe owner I knew I would have to come up with a different and innovative idea if I wanted to succeed in such a saturated market. At about the same time I started thinking about innovative cafe ideas and started a small business course a pop up cafe in London opened where they specialised in porridge. A few months later I took a trip to Copenhagen in the middle of their winter and spent most of my time a cafe called Grod (directly translates to porridge). Being active on instagram with my blog ‘Pixels and Produce’ I noticed peoples love for porridge with over a million porridge hashtags. Then it all sort of clicked one day. Porridge, I’m going to start porridge business in Melbourne. It gets cold in the winter and I love the cold weather. Mostly because it involves steaming hot porridge, long woollen coats and wood fires, but especially porridge. It also allows people to express their individuality. I love hearing peoples porridge stories, how they had it when they were a child and how they have it now.

When I moved back to Australia the pipe dream was to open a cafe straight away, in reality being away from Melbourne for 5 years I had really lost touch of the best locations for a porridge cafe and decided on markets for the short term. Initially we exclusively sold ready to eat porridge but as we quickly developed a following and started selling our oats in 450g packets for our customers to cook at home. With a small budget at our disposal our first run of packaging was very simplistic and designed by yours truly. It wasn’t until we partnered up with the very talented Studio Baker that we came into our own brand and started using the designs you see around today.

FUN FACT #1 - I’m a Dietitian … An Accredited Dietitian.

It’s not something I’ve over publicised, but yes I am an Accredited Dieititan and Nutritionist after 5 years of study as Deakin and Monash. I’ve worked both here in Australia and in the UK as a Dietitian across many specialities and would love to share some of my knowledge with you via this blog. This nutrition knowledge also played a huge roll in why I decided to start this business, making sure all our products not only taste delicious but are extremely nutritious.


Of course we didn’t want to make just any porridge we had to make the best porridge and the best way to do that is to use the freshest oats. Every bag of oats has the date we rolled them so you know exactly how fresh they are. Rolling them fresh and by hand through an old fashioned mill helps maintain the nutrition, savour the flavour and keep the starch intact to make creamier porridge.


I’m a very ambitious type. I have many hopes and dreams for Seed and Grain. One day I hope I can talk to you in our cafe or share our stories with our through our cookbook and cooking workshops. For now though, it’s great fun meeting you all at the markets on the weekends and hearing how you love to use seed and grain porridge at home.

Thanks for reading.

Erin xx

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