Public holidays, chocolate eggs, family time and hot cross buns; who doesn't love Easter?

And then we just come along and throw some porridge into the Easter mix? Now we’re talking.

Originally we were planning on taking the long weekend off, you know relaxing, gorging our faces. But when the manager of the Melbourne Farmers Market Belle called us and asked if we wanted to fill in at the coveted Gaswork’s market in Albert park this Easter Saturday the 20th we jumped at the opportunity.

To spice things up this weekend and keep with the Easter theme we’ll be serving this delicious and slightly decadent hot cross bun inspired porridge at the market along with a chocolatey cacao + hazelnut vegan porridge. Can’t make it to the market this weekend? Not to worry we’ve shared the recipe below with you all and a Gift which was the most fun part of this blog post!


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How Seed and Grain Came to Be.

Welcome to the first edition of our ‘Seed + Grain’ breakfast blog.

Anyone who has ventured out in the scary world of independent business ownership will know it I can be a mental midfield at times. A constant inner monologue of ups and downs. “That’s a great idea, no … how crazy is that idea, that will never work”. Not to mention being responsible for every aspect of the business from product development to marketing to sales.

This blog will not only serve as a mild outlet for me to express the inner workings my developing entrepreneur's mind but predominately it will serve as a space to educate and inspire you; our readers, on all things food, nutrition, small business, and other random things I think you might enjoy with the particular focus of course on seeds and grains.

In this first edition I’ll be delving into how seed and grain came to be, read on if you’re interested.

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Erin Murnane